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Spring Break Project - Mom*

Spring Break Project

The kids have been on spring break this week and we have had a great, relaxing time hanging out at the house as a family.  After all of the cold craziness, the weather turned out to be perfect so we spent the majority of our waking hours outside.  We all did little things around the place but Noah had his own project and I am so very proud of him.

At the beginning of the week, we decided to give Noah our old chicken coop.  A few years ago, a stray dog ate all my chickens and I never replaced them. They were mostly pet chickens (in fact they only laid one egg in the 7 months I had them) and I was afraid of getting attached to new birds and then having them get attacked too.  I fully recognize my relationship to chickens is not normal but they were sweet little guys and I was bummed.  Back to spring break… this is what we gifted Noah.

That’s his spy pose.

He really wants to be a spy and obviously if you want to be a spy you have to have a clubhouse.  It had gotten into pretty bad shape though.  The roof was falling off and we were using it to store some hoses for our insulation machine so we all worked together and cleaned it out.  The hubby also fixed the roof but it was all Noah from there.

It was quite the diamond in the rough.
 All week long Noah worked.  He did odd jobs around the house in the mornings to earn money for spray paint and spent his afternoons hours getting it perfect.
It was a messy process. Fortunately we now have (almost) all of the paint out of his hair.
On Saturday, he put the final touches on his new clubhouse.  He is so proud of his creation.

Presenting Noah’s first “flip” and the international headquarters of MAPSER.

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