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A Valentine's Apology (sort of) - Mom*

A Valentine’s Apology (sort of)

I feel like my children deserve an apology for the fact their Valentine’s parties coincided with grad school. I stayed up late in Thursday night to randomly place generic stickers all over a pre-colored box. I would like to post a picture but I’m afraid that my pinterest account might get deactivated for the absolute lack of creativity.  Ok. Here it is. Don’t judge.

At this point,  half of you are thinking that at least I didn’t send her to class empty-handed while the other half wonder why I haven’t had my mommy-card revoked.  Personally, I think she’s lucky I didn’t send her to school with last year’s Easter basket. (It is pink and sparkly and I was really tired.)

The guilt really comes in though when I look at previous creations. For Noah’s first Valentine’s Day school party he got a space ship. The next year he had a Captain America shield. That was BS (Before gradSchool). I had time to sleep back then. I also had 1/3 of the little people in my house as a do now. They were simple times. I could be creative.  I could go to the parties. I could paint with him. I could sleep.

My rational husband is quick to point out that I don’t remember any of my Valentine’s boxes and that’s not why I am crazy.  Hopefully next year, when things are calmer,  I can go all out and make a cereal box monster or paper towel roll castle.  If not, I’m seriously considering just downloading pics of some really extravagant boxes and photo shopping them next my kids faces. Then when they are 34 I will sob hysterically that the don’t remember the painstaking effort I put into making every holiday pinterest perfect for my little angels.

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